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Ellis Nature Centre is a demonstration site for sustainable agriculture, wildlife friendly gardening and environmental conservation. We promote and showcase beneficial management practices so you can learn about how you can adopt more sustainable practices at home. Learn about our Mountain Bluebird nest-box trail or purple martin research and monitoring. We have information on backyard bird feeding, bird houses and bird identification guides.

Our sustainable agriculture practices are based on operating a working farm while providing for wildlife habitat just like Charlie Ellis did. We delay haying and set aside areas for waterfowl and grassland nesting birds. We are working on setting aside and connecting watershed features on our farm fields to provide riparian habitat and improve water quality and water storage on our lands. The rotational grazing practices we adopted help to improve soil health and biodiversity while increasing grazing days and forage productivity. 

Our workshops are geared towards teaching people these sustainable practices to increase awareness.

cows in pasture

Sustainable Grazing

Visitors to Ellis Nature Centre can learn about agricultural research projects, including Adaptive Multi-paddock (AMP) grazing plans aimed at managing 400 acres of farmland sustainably. The farm serves as a demonstration site for conservation agriculture, showcasing practices that benefit both cattle and ecosystem health.

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purple martin flying in with insect

Purple Martin

Purple Martins are fairly common birds, especially in the southeastern U.S., but their numbers decline by approximately 0.5% per year, resulting in a cumulative decline of about 25% between 1966 and 2019, according to the North American Breeding Bird Survey.

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Mountain Bluebird

The Mountain Bluebird is one of three species of bluebirds found on the North American continent. Although it is not restricted to mountains, the Mountain Bluebird is so named because it will nest at high elevations.

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