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Connecting  Community

with Wildlife, Agriculture
& Industry

Illustrations of Ellis Nature Centre Centre Landmarks
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Connecting Community

with Wildlife, Agriculture & Industry

Illustrations of Ellis Nature Centre Centre Landmarks

Ellis Nature Centre

Ellis Nature Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation, education & sustainable agriculture. We promote environmental education and wildlife conservation, monitor and conduct research on mountain bluebirds, tree swallows and purple martins, and manage over 480 acres of agricultural land. The Visitor Centre, original farmhouse, demonstration gardens and wetlands are set aside for wildlife and public enjoyment.

Join in the many activities and events of the season including the annual Bug Jamboree and Bluebird Festival.

Proud to be in partnership with MEGlobal, Ellis Nature Centre has established environmental education and conservation programs for secondary cavity nesting bird species, regenerative agriculture and scientific research.

In 2024, we updated our name from Ellis Bird Farm to Ellis Nature Centre.

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Visit Us!

Come explore our Visitor Centre site with a variety of gardens, historic grain elevator, network of nature trails, Wetland Activity Centre and children’s Nature Playground.  Take a selfie at our historical grain elevator birdhouse wall!

Whether you are looking for a quiet stroll in the gardens or woods, you will find the tranquility and natural beauty of  the site reinvigorating.

There are lots of activities for children to get outside and have fun! The Nature Playground, wetland exploration pond or the goats, chickens and honeybee pollinator interactive display, and scavenger hunt and children’s workshops and programming.

There is no entrance fee but donations are gratefully accepted.


Ellis Nature Centre is a working farm and showcases how agriculture industry can coexist with wildlife conservation.  Our working farm continues Charlie Ellis’ conservation practices of delayed haying, preserving areas for wildlife and of course, the bluebird trail nest boxes.   We conduct both avian research and regenerative agriculture practices here.  Our bluebird trail has monitored mountain bluebird nest-boxes for over 50 years. We annually clean, repair the over 400 nest-boxes and during the summer months conduct weekly nest-box checks to collect data on population, first arrivals and parental care.  We have been able to install solar powered nestbox cameras on several boxes to record the entire nesting period on Mountain bluebirds. 

In 2022, we adopted new rotational grazing practices to better manage our grazing pastures. Adaptive multi-paddock grazing allows the land and plants time to recharge between rotations and improves water infiltration, forage production and soil health.


Ellis Nature Centre is dedicated to providing immersive, hands-on outdoor education to the youth of Central Alberta. Just like Charlie and Winnie recognized when Ellis Bird Farm was established, we know that our youth are the next generation of environmental stewards and conservationists.

Our programs inspire a love of the outdoors, desire to protect nature, and dedication to giving back to our environment. Through our education program, children are not only inspired to become stewards of the land themselves, but to pass the values and knowledge they have learned onto others in their lives.


Early Bird Tickets for the September 7 Harvest Dinner are on sale now!
Join us in August for the Bug Jamboree! Fun for all ages! Go on a bug hunt, a butterfly walk and learn about native bees and pollinators! 
Celebrate mountain bluebirds and other songbirds with us on the second Saturday in July at our Bluebird Festival!
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Land Acknowledgement

Ellis Bird Farm acknowledges that we work, play, and learn on Treaty 6 territory, traditional homeland of many First Nations, Metis, and Inuit groups since time immemorial. Additionally, we give thanks for all the teachings these groups have passed on about the importance of caring for and giving back to our natural spaces and the creatures we share those spaces with. On our continuous journey of reconciliation, we appreciate the teachings of Indigenous elders and community leaders about the importance of the land and our connection with it.

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Celebrate mountain bluebirds and other songbirds with us on the second Saturday in July at our Bluebird Festival!


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